Animal Magnetism

Just imagine how good it feels to be able to attract someone or be the centre of attraction as the most sought after person in the room sexually. Women find men with animal magnetism irresistible.

Equally so a woman with animal magnetism will be irresistible to men. Animal magnetism does not have to be opposite sex appeal either; the same power of attraction applies whether you are bi-sexual, gay or lesbian. At the end of the day attraction is attraction, you either have it or you do not.

The sexual aura you give out is a powerful aphrodisiac. This hypnosis download can make that difference. Hypnosis can help you achieve animal magnetism and feel as if you are irresistible.

This hypnosis download can give you the right mindset; through the ages people have been drawn to those that exude raw sexual power. That certain look and stance that says it all without saying anything. A sexual magnetism that is irresistible. Perfect for all types of dating including online dating.

This hypnotherapy download has been developed using advanced hypnotherapy techniques. It will give you that mental and emotional sexual edge so that you feel you can exude an aura of pure naked sensual animal magnetism. Pure sexualfeelgood ready to be downloaded onto an ipod and there instantly for you.

This hypnotic track can give you the type of aura that people are drawn to. Those that that exude a sexual aura and animal attraction. Those that bought this download also buy sexual confidence and sexual energy.

Perhaps its now the time for some online dating.

“Never felt so strong and fit going out on the pull. Women just seem to hit on me, best of all I don’t even have to try”


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Dave Holmes,
Certified hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner


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